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After several months of keeping the blog, it became obvious that the main interest was the video clips, and not the content. Also, the blog became a target for spam, and, quite frankly, took a lot of time to maintain.

That being the case, I've stopped keeping the blog. But, I am still doing video of my workouts. You can check them out on my Facebook Business Page or my YouTube Channel.

There are some older videos and articles on the Blog, so I've left all the original links below.

Reality Workouts Blogs

I've decided to start a Blog, to help people learn more about Fitness and Nutrition, Olympic Weightlifting, and, basically, more about me, what I do, and how I can help them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

I've divided the blog in to 2 sections:

  • Articles- This will be articles on a topic, recipes, observations, or a long comment on a subject.

  • TROG! (Training Log)- This will be my day-to-day workout logs. Periodically, I may go back to my old logs, and present a “Flashback” workout, so people can see how where I am now relates to an earlier time in my training career.

There are also some static pages, the "About" page, and particularly a "Glossary of Terms" for the Training Log. I use a lot of abbreviations in my log entries, the Glossary explains what those abbreviations stand for.

I invite feedback on any of the postings, and look forward to some good communications.

To make a comment on any posting, click the “No Comments” or “Comments” link at the bottom of each post. “No Comments” means no comment has been posted yet, so yours will be the first!

I hope everyone who sees this will find the blog interesting and helpful.

"My Knowledge + Your Commitment = Results"

Randy Long
Reality Workouts

3604 Benson Hwy (Hwy 50)

Garner NC 27529

Phone: 919-389-3386