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A few years ago, in 2006, I was the host of my own live call-in Radio Talk Show.

Titled: "Reality Workouts: Truth in Fitness Training", I answered questions on strength training, cardio, and nutrition. I also tried to clarify some of the hype and misconceptions that surround the various elements of fitness training and weight loss.

The program aired on radio WDNZ 570 AM, serving the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill North Carolina listening area. Broadcast time was Fridays at 4pm EST.

One of the producers was kind enough to burn some audio files of my shows. Just click the players below to listen to the show for the date listed.

5-12-2006 show

5-19-2006 show

5-26-2006 show

6-9-2006 show

6-16-2006 show

6-23-2006 show

6-30-2006 show

The show will give you a good idea of my knowledge level and philosophy of training.

"My Knowledge + Your Commitment = Results"

Reality Workouts

Randy Long
Phone: 919-389-3386