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Sports Conditioning

If you play a sport, you know you are more effective if you are "in shape".

Also, you are less likely to get injured if you are in good condition PRIOR to starting the competition season. Gone are the days of "playing yourself into shape"

Talent and skills are important in athletics. Athletes are born with talent, and good coaches can teach them skills.

But athletic coaches are not necessarily strength and conditioning coaches. At the pro and college level, this is obvious, as teams have their own strength and conditioning specialists.

At the high school and junior high level, programs rarely have a designated strength and conditioning coach. All too often, the coach just tells the athletes to "lift weights", with no supervision. Worse, I've seen instances where coaches who played a sport passed on bad strength training practices they learned to their young athletes.

(Click here to read of a shocking example I personally witnessed)

If you have a child 12 years old or older who is playing sports, find out what kind of qualifications the coaching staff has in the way of teaching strength and conditioning. Just because the coach played "(X sport) at (X high school/college), does not mean he is qualified to teach the latest strength and conditioning techniques to young athletes.

I will not teach you or your child specific sports skills. But I can and will improve the ability to do sports skills faster and with more power, and to do them safely.

This covers more overall power, jumping higher, running faster, better grip, and having a strong trunk and joints, to protect from injury and absorb impact.

One group of athletes that seems to have been left out of the strength training world: cheerleaders!.

If you, or your child, want to be a better athlete, and reduce the chance of injury, contact me. I will be glad to discuss the type of sport specific training program that I can design to achieve a competitive advantage.

"My Knowledge + Your Commitment = Results"