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Read what clients have to say about their experience with Reality Workouts:

"I would highly recommend Randy Long as a personal trainer to anyone at any fitness level. Randy's experience with weight lifting and sports conditioning coupled with his expertise on nutrition makes him a great candidate to help an individual to improve his/her health and fitness level.

Randy worked with my teenage son during the summer of 2009. Randy personally tailored a fitness routine for my son and counseled on nutrition and proper weight gain.

Randy was also flexible in scheduling our appointments. His friendly and professional demeanor made the workout sessions enjoyable and rewarding. My son made excellent progress over the summer and benefited greatly from the experience."

Jean Christiansen
Garner, NC

"I've been working out for nearly 10 years now with minimal guidance in strength training and nutrition. While I made some progress towards my goals, I was unsatisfied, and sought out a person who could fill in the gaps in my knowledge of physical training and the physiology of building muscle.

After contacting Randy and completing several one on one training sessions I can honestly claim that my progress has grown exponentially, and I've learned a great deal about strength training. Perhaps most importantly I learned that some techniques I was formerly using were probably impeding my progress and potentially putting me at risk of hurting myself.

Randy far exceeded my expectations in a personal trainer, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their fitness program to the next level."


Neal Isaacs
Operations Manager, Petsmart

And from beginning Olympic Lifter, Mark Henkle:

Just wanted to say thanks again for the training session today. I feel I've learned a lot about the lifts and that my technique has gotten better."

Thanks again,

Mark Henkle

Mark drives down from Greensboro every two weeks, and is making great progress.